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Professional Lurker's Hiding Place

Where the Lurker Whispers into the Dark

Professional Lurker
5 July
I've been Professional Lurker for a long time, and it never fails to surprise me that someone else hasn't taken the same tag. And yet, every time I register it as a user name, it works on the first try.
In short, I'm a professional, in a stuffy high-profile job, who lurks. I hide in group shadows & listen to what everyone else has to say, and (most of the time) I don't say much myself. The Internet is the only place in the world where I take that role. And it's the only place in the world that lurking works for me.
Anyway, here I am, snuggling into my easy chair with the ottoman, right under the Tiffany lamp. For anyone who remembers, I salvaged the furniture from the original Bronze. Come say hi - I'll share!