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We did The Boy's high school graduation yesterday, and Dad did really well. I didn't, I teared up like an emotional Mom. So sue me.
The Boy managed to graduate with Honors, which is a huge reward after all the struggles we went through convincing him that even in Honors courses, teachers expect homework to be turned in. But he did it. He Walked in with the Honors group in red graduation robes (everyone else wore blue) and wearing his Honors medal and he looked great!
The trip down could have been worse, but it could have been better. It’s a 12-hour drive, and he did pretty well for the first 9 hours. Then he fell asleep, which I probably shouldn’t have let him do. The last three hours were full of agitation.
“Where am I?”
“How do we get home?”
(Reading the road signs) “I don’t know what these towns are. Where are we?”
“Pull over and ask someone how we get out of this mess.”
I’d review that we were going to my house, and why, and that the Guys and the dogs were waiting for us, and in 10 minutes, we’d do it all over. And over.
He’s adjusted to our house relatively well. I’m poised and ready to get him back home (and what a fun trip that will be) if he disconnects, but we may be able to stay more than a week. Maybe.
I hope.
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