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The year

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He lost the year today.
Little bits and pieces dribble away day after day and today, the year went away.
I took him for his hearing aid assessment. He insists that the hearing aids he has work fine. I can’t tell whether he has them in or not. I actually counted, one day. I’m asked to repeat myself the same number of times regardless.
I told the Audiologist that there has been progressively worsening aphasia since fall, and maybe the repetitions are actually a receptive component to the aphasia. At this point, I can’t tell.  Which is kind of humiliating.
I was relieved to learn that he did well on word-recognition as long as it was loud enough.
Then he was filling out a form and he asked “What’s the year?” it caught me by surprise. The Audiologist saw me tear up and positioned herself so he couldn’t see me till I calmed down. At least he had the month right. But the year is gone.
* * *